About Us

At R-Anell, itís all about you. Our passion is to build the modular home you imagine and desire. Every innovation, every design, every option is calculated to make your modular homes more desirable, comfortable and affordable for you. At R-Anell, our way is first you imagine, then we build. We donít jump directly to square footages and building costs; instead we imagine what a homebuyer like you might want in their modular home. R-Anell Homes creates modular home designs that work with your lifestyle, with options and upgrades that make your home uniquely your own.

Modular Building Systems are in no way what they used to be. The stigma is that a modular home is a mobile home, this is a common misconception. A modular home is built to the same codes as any site built home located in the same general area. The primary difference is that a modular home is built in a controlled environment within a factory in sections. Our modular homes are built to Professional Engineering standards which are higher in many cases than a typical site built home.

Modular homes are built to conform to all state, local, and regional building codes the same as any site built home. The sections of your home are transported to the building site on custom designed carriers and put together on site. Inspectors check our houses in the factory during production and local building inspectors also inspect any work done to the homes on site to make sure they meet the same requirements as a site built home. A well built and maintained Modular Building System has the same longevity and value over time as any other site built home.

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